About PRM


Pit Row Media is a full-service group to serve the multimedia needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

Sure, we started and cultivated our core client base in motorsports, but that does not mean we limit ourselves to that industry alone. We work with clients in other sports and other industries to achieve goals of all sizes and complexities.

Whether it’s a print project, copy-centric, video-centric or something completely different, Pit Row Media can help you achieve your goals.



Officially launched in 2015, Pit Row Media can trace¬†its roots¬†back to 2006, or arguably even further. It was June of that year when our chief steward, Tony Stevens, moved from the suburbs of Pittsburgh to the area surrounding Charlotte, N.C., while knowing very few people and having few job prospects. His one solid acquaintance was renting shop space at Rahmoc Racing Engines for his late model, and that’s where he hung out most nights. After struggling to get on his feet for a while, eventually he found work with various teams and businesses within the sport. He networked, made contacts, made friends and focused himself on where he wanted to be.

Though when Tony moved south he had full intentions of working for a team as a mechanic, crew member or fabricator, that direction changed as he saw more and more need for other services he was capable of providing. Though he toyed with it in high school and college, he soon found himself announcing races for budding internet radio, followed by roles as series announcer, track announcer and more. Eventually, his skillset grew to include video work in front of the camera, behind it, and in the editing chair. Soon, he found himself not only producing taped and directed content, but also live events and shows through the emerging industry of streaming video.

In 2015, Pit Row Media was officially formed and became the sole work to which Tony dedicated himself by virtue of his streaming and other work. And much like when he moved south nine years prior, the early stages were rough. But as the business has grown, so have the opportunities and the chances to serve new and existing customers. The list of people and organizations served by Pit Row Media grows constantly and we would love to add your name to that list. What can we help you to achieve?


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